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IAP Worldwide Acquires A&L and TCNS to Increase Its Capacity to Deliver Custom-Tailored Services around the World

With over 2,000 employees in more than 25 countries across the world, IAP Worldwide is a leading provider of technical assistance, advanced professional, facilities management, and global-scale logistics. In other words, IAP Worldwide specializes in making the impossible possible. The company engages the unexpected events ranging from natural calamities and overseas battlefields. Equipped with experience… read more »

Securus Technology Helps Staff and Inmates

In the past, inmates have often had problems with the way that their complaints were handled. They were either not tended to in a timely manner or went completely unnoticed by the correct avenues that they were trying to reach. This was a problem for both the inmates and the administration of the prisons because… read more »

Tips for Pushing Bad Articles Down in Search Results

If there was utopia in the business world, it would be easy to remove negative, outdated or unfair results about our businesses. However, the easiest solution is controlling what our readers see by creating lots of positive information about us. This goes a long way in tipping the balance from bad to good. There are… read more »

Considerations When Renting Your Property on Airbnb

Are you thinking about renting your entire house or part of it on Airbnb? Well,we got you covered. Most people feel that this is one of the easiest and quickest ways to make good money. However, they fail to understand some of the problems that stem up as a result of hosting travelers. Renting on… read more »

Understanding the man Thor Halvorssen

Described as the troublemaker for tyrants, Thor Halvorssen is a 39-year-old founder of Human Rights Foundation-based in New York. Half-Venezuelan, half-Norwegian, Halvorssen has grown with the spirit of advocating for human rights taken from grandfather and father. Halvorssen always says that he loves people and always fighting for the “underdogs”. The HRF chairperson, Vaclav Havel… read more »

The Flexibility of IAP (Industry and Purpose) Worldwide

Operating since 1953 IAP Worldwide has proven itself to be be a valued partner in a wide range of industrial fields, applying its’ expertise in fields such as: Government Services – From Airfields to Field Hospitals and all the services to keep our country strong and secure Expeditionary Services – Construction, Infrastructure, Power, Facilities, Management… read more »

Andy Wirth Nearly Lost his Arm but not his Charm

On October 13, 2013, Andy Wirth, a well-known figure in Squaw Valley and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Corporation was involved in a skydiving accident that nearly cost him his arm. On this particular day, he was jumping with his two friends J. T. Holmes and Timmy Dutton in Lodi. However, his jump was bad… read more »

CEO and Financial Services Professional

David Osio, a man of many accomplishments; from being a well-known professional in financial services to starting the first asset management company in Venezuela. David studied Law at Universidad Catolica Andres Bello and graduated with honors in 1988. He also got additional academic qualifications from Instituto de Estidies Superiores of Administration in 1998 and also… read more »

Crystal Hunt Becomes A Proper Leading Lady in Multiple Arenas

Crystal Hunt is a Hollywood actress who spent the earlier portion of her career on daytime soap operas, and she has become involved in movies and production. She was given a leading role in the newest Magic Mike film titled Magic Mike XXL, and she has become a partner in a television venture features on… read more »

The Charitable Acts of Dick DeVos

Michigan native Dick DeVos is among the countries most generous benefactors. His father, Richard DeVos Senior was the co-founder of the famous Amway Company. The Northwood University graduate, among other schools, has dedicated his whole life to the service of others. He has four children and a wife that he’s been married to since 1980. Together, he… read more »